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Bye / India

A word of Urdu language origin, used profoundly in the northern mountainous regions, ‘Alvida’ is a formal way of saying Good-bye, however, there many other acceptable ways of saying Bye in India based on the occasion or the region.


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Bye / Nigeria

• Other: Very common among Yoruba and Ibo people • Details: Should be addressed only at people you’re older than. Can be perceived as a mockery or insult if otherwise.


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Bye / United States

Right hand open facing forward, fingers bend back and forth couple of times


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Bye / Venezuela


Fir milenge

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Bye / India

Fir milenge - Bye/See you again (we don't have anything for bye, we say in English. But we generally say "see you again" as a substitute of bye)


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Bye / French Polynesia

Shaka sign: Used in various situations on the Pacific. Origins discussion range from Spanish first encounter with the local Polynesians to an Hawaiian who lost three middle fingers. Nana (nah-nah) – Bye/See you later

Zoi kin

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Bye / China, Hong Kong

Good Bye


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Bye / Japan

Good bye, Polite 15~20degree bow Basically bow on any greeting or parting situation.

Au Revoir

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Bye / Canada, quebec

Gesture: Wave hand