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Different meaning 4

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Index fingers on the side of the head. They are thorns but different meaning.

Different meaning 3

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Fanning motion is a bit complicated in Japan

Different meaning 2

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USA: A cross for protection Japan: mimic a character " Shime" to close my bill

Different meaning 6

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Thumb can mean different things US: Boss, Good job Japan: Male figure i.e. Boyfriend

Different meaning 5

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Crossing index and middle fingers in front of you US; Good Luck Japan: Don't come close

Different meaning 1

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US; Putting a set of imaginary boxes in order Japan: Imagining a subject as an object in front of you and moving it to the side.


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USA, Italy, Netherland


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[ DO NOT USE ! ] / Vietnam

Crossing fingers has an vulgar meaning in Vietnam

KuruKuru Pa~

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Stupid / Japan

Gesture: Make a circle with you fingers by your head and open your palms. Pa~, basically meaning empty, here referring to the brain.