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lazeez aawee

By: Africa, Views: 2268

Delicioius / Egypt

Gesture: Kiss the tip of your thumb and index finger. Then spread your hands in front of you


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Delicioius / United States

Kiss your fingers

Going to the Great Pyramids of Giza

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[Site Feature] / Egypt

Gestures which may come in handy to go to the Pyramids in Egypt


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Delicioius / Global

USA, Italy, Netherland


By: America, Views: 810

Delicioius / Brazil

Gesture: Kissing the tip of you fingers


By: Africa, Views: 938

Drink / Egypt

Gesture: Hold an imaginary cup with your thumb and index finger Tea cup in Egypt usually have no handle


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Delicioius / Netherlands

Circling hand upright as if rubbing the cheek. Very common use in many situation. Even for good looking man/female.

At a restaurant in Egypt

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[Site Feature] / Egypt

Some gestures useful at a restaurant in Egypt

On the streets of Egypt

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[Site Feature] / Egypt

Gestures you will see on the streets of Egypt