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Delicioius / Global

USA, Italy, Netherland

Hello from around the world ver.3

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Hello / Global

India, Bosnia Herzegovina, Norway, Netherlands

Different meaning 3

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[Site Feature] / Global

Fanning motion is a bit complicated in Japan


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Drink / Global

Gesture: Depending on the type of cup used in the country the gestures differs.

Do you want to eat?

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[Site Feature] / Global

US uses the hand and Japan uses a chopstick to bring an imaginary food to the mouth.

Are you talking to me? ver1

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[Site Feature] / Global

Most countries point at their chests when referring to oneself. When you are not sure the person is talking to you.

Damm it

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Other / Global

UK / USA : Tap forehead with palm of your hand Japan: Tap Temporal with knuckles

Different meaning 6

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[Site Feature] / Global

Thumb can mean different things US: Boss, Good job Japan: Male figure i.e. Boyfriend

Different meaning 2

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[Site Feature] / Global

USA: A cross for protection Japan: mimic a character " Shime" to close my bill