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When you are cold

By: sample1, Views: 8816

[Site Feature] / Global

Gesture: Fold and rubbing the arms with your hands. Looks pretty similar from Romania, USA, Japan

I'm cold

By: unitedstates, Views: 3871

It's cold( Weather) / United States

Gesture: Fold and rub the arms with your hands

Cold out there

By: America, Views: 1045

Other / Canada

Gesture: Point the thumb towards the back of you

mi-e frig

By: Europe, Views: 1737

It's cold( Weather) / Romania

Gesture: Fold and rub the arms with your hands


By: Japan, Views: 1286

It's cold( Weather) / Japan

Gesture: Fold and stroke the arms with your hands


By: sample1, Views: 1475

Delicioius / Global

USA, Italy, Netherland

Hello from around the world ver.3

By: Admin1, Views: 9329

Hello / Global

India, Bosnia Herzegovina, Norway, Netherlands

Different meaning 3

By: sample1, Views: 1133

[Site Feature] / Global

Fanning motion is a bit complicated in Japan

Do you want to eat?

By: sample1, Views: 2601

[Site Feature] / Global

US uses the hand and Japan uses a chopstick to bring an imaginary food to the mouth.