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One more time

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One more time / United States

Gesture: Make "One" winding motion with index finger

It’s okay

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It's ok / Nigeria

Gesture: A way of calming someone you are afraid of. • Country: Nigeria/West Africa • Other: Mostly common among Hausa people from the north • Details: Make sure you express it on time when you see the need arise. Failure to do so may result in a violent act.


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Good job / United States

Two Thumbs up


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Come, follow me / United States

Gentle way of inviting someone to come with you.


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Hello / United States

Universal Greeting

After you

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Other / United States

A polite way of letting someone in at a entramce

Come here

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come here / United States

Using you index finger to becon someone


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How ? / United States

Raising both hands to the side, with a shrug shoulder


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Silence,Quite please / United States

Putting the index finger on your lips