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min 3eini de w3eini di

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With Pleasure / Egypt

Gesture: Touch the below both eye lids with your index finger. Express I will sacrifice my eyes for your wishes.

Atul Shemal

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Turn left / Egypt

Gesture: Point the left with your palm

Emshy 3alatol

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Go straight / Egypt

Gesture: Point straight in front with your palm open


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Other / Egypt

Gesture: Make a triangle with the fingers on both hands touching at the tip

lhan wa sahlan

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Hello / Egypt

Gesture: Place the right palm to your chest. Point the palm to the direction of the entrance.

Elhamdo lellah

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Thank God / Egypt

Gesture: Palms facing up in front of you, then kiss the back and front of your right hand.

khatwa bikhtwa

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Step by step / Egypt

Gesture: Palm facing down, bring it up and hold for a moment. As is climbing a step


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Other / Egypt

Gesture: Stick thumb and pinky out while closing the other fingers. Similar to the horn gesture

qayimat el ta3am

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Menu / Egypt

Gesture: Spread your left hand and tap the wrist with your right hand. Indicate the size of an object When done at a restaurant it's the menu