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Good Morning / Japan

Depending on the depth of the bow shows the level of formality, respect and social hierarchy of the person. Most respectful: Bend your hips around 30 degrees At the formal meetings, celebrations, greeting an honorable person.

Hideri Uchiwa

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He's rich / Japan

Waving the left hand as a fan. Using the left hand is considered a leisurely act only a rich person can do.


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Nice to meet you / Japan

Bow and a handshake


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Good Night / Japan

Bow for a casual good bye


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Hello / Japan

An Old way of greeting done by a certain social group in the Edo period. Ohikae-Nasutte. Lower your waist and show the palm of your right hand. (You are unarmed and showing respect) After this ritual he will give his name, place of birth and and a long speech on his upbringing.


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It's hot(food) / Japan

Gesture: When you touch something hot, Touch the ear lobes with those fingers. Ear lobes are said to be the coolest place on your body.