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USA shrug their shoulders Japan shoulders are still


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Drink / Japan

Hold a cup of tea


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frustrated / Japan

Messing your hair


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Thinking / Japan

Nod with a shut eye. He is thinking of what you are saying


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Gangster / Japan

Gesture: Trace down your cheek with the index finder. It indicates a long scar, Yakuzas ( gangster) were know to have visible knife scars.

Different meaning 1

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US; Putting a set of imaginary boxes in order Japan: Imagining a subject as an object in front of you and moving it to the side.

Nagutte yarouka

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Scolding / Japan

Gesture: Blowing hot air to your knuckle and raise in your fist in front of you. Children were sometime scolded with a bump on the head with the parents knuckles for bad behavior.

Call me

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Call me / Global

Most countries make a phone with their Thumb and Pinky. Japan imitated a gripping the handle of a land phone.


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Good Morning / Japan

Depending on the depth of the bow shows the level of formality, respect and social hierarchy of the person. Normal: Bend your hips around 5 degree