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It's hot

By: unitedstates, Views: 1579

It's hot( Weather) / United States

Waving a single hand like a fan

Want to fight

By: unitedstates, Views: 1594

Want to fight / United States

Gesture: Make a boxing pose

This is huge !

By: unitedstates, Views: 1632

Other / United States

Gesture: Stretch your arms sideways


By: unitedstates, Views: 1342

Bye / United States

Right hand open facing forward, fingers bend back and forth couple of times

He's smart

By: unitedstates, Views: 1161

Smart / United States

Tapping the forehead with the index finger. Facial expression showing sign of approval.

Damm it

By: sample1, Views: 1759

Other / Global

UK / USA : Tap forehead with palm of your hand Japan: Tap Temporal with knuckles

Different meaning 2

By: sample1, Views: 1608

[Site Feature] / Global

USA: A cross for protection Japan: mimic a character " Shime" to close my bill

When you are cold

By: sample1, Views: 17870

[Site Feature] / Global

Gesture: Fold and rubbing the arms with your hands. Looks pretty similar from Romania, USA, Japan


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[Site Feature] / Global

USA shrug their shoulders Japan shoulders are still