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Nice to see you

By: unitedstates, Views: 3228

Nice to meet you / United States

Gesture: Stretch your right hand for a hand shake

Knocking on a door

By: unitedstates, Views: 2370

Other / United States

Fisted hand with palm facing out , the knuckles knocks on the door

Call me

By: sample1, Views: 1648

Call me / United States

When you want someone to give you a call back.

I have an Idea

By: unitedstates, Views: 1662

I have an Idea / United States

When you are struck with a exciting idea

I love you

By: sample1, Views: 1358

I love you / United States

Blowing a kiss to someone you love

I'm proud of myself

By: unitedstates, Views: 2105

Proud / United States

Form of self praise. Tap your left shoulder with your right hand as if someone else is giving a tap on your shoulder.

Compiled US gestures ver1

By: sample1, Views: 34937

[Site Feature] / United States

Complied gestures from US. How many can you identify?

I'm good

By: unitedstates, Views: 1678

Proud / United States

I'm good