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Come, follow me / United States

Gentle way of inviting someone to come with you.

Knocking on a door

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Other / United States

Fisted hand with palm facing out , the knuckles knocks on the door

tusen takk

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Thank you / Norway

Sincere version. Thousand thanks.

You need it approved

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Other / United States

Stamp Fisted hand to you other palm

I'm good

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Proud / United States

Polishing your nails. Sometime blow on the nails before brushing it against the chest. In small gathering or parties. When you want to convey a casual sense of pride for doing something clever or witty.

I'm good

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Proud / United States

I'm good

Piece of Cake

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Proud / United States

Snapping yoru fingers while raising the heads upward. Casual appraisal of a job/task complete

I'm proud of myself

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Proud / United States

Form of self praise. Tap your left shoulder with your right hand as if someone else is giving a tap on your shoulder.

Come here

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come here / United States

Using you index finger to becon someone