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Zip it

By: unitedstates, Views: 1505

Silence,Quite please / United States

Pretend to zip your lips


By: unitedstates, Views: 1893

Good job / United States

Two Thumbs up


By: unitedstates, Views: 1246

Smile / United States

Stretch your mouth to the sides as if smiling with your index fingers.

He's smart

By: unitedstates, Views: 1345

Smart / United States

Tapping the forehead with the index finger. Facial expression showing sign of approval.

Do you want to eat?

By: unitedstates, Views: 7589

Want to eat? / United States

Use the hand to bring some imaginary food to your mouth


By: unitedstates, Views: 1645

Delicioius / United States

Kiss your fingers


By: sample1, Views: 2375

Delicioius / Global

USA, Italy, Netherland


By: sample1, Views: 1792

[Site Feature] / United States

Palm and fingers straight point to the direction: Straight, Right, Left

Damm it

By: sample1, Views: 2004

Other / Global

UK / USA : Tap forehead with palm of your hand Japan: Tap Temporal with knuckles