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I'm cold

By: unitedstates, Views: 6682

It's cold( Weather) / United States

Gesture: Fold and rub the arms with your hands

When you are cold

By: sample1, Views: 19612

[Site Feature] / Global

Gesture: Fold and rubbing the arms with your hands. Looks pretty similar from Romania, USA, Japan


By: unitedstates, Views: 1653

Drink / United States

Gesture; Holding the tea cup by the handle

A little

By: unitedstates, Views: 1216

Little / United States

Gesture: Show a small space between your thumb and index finger


By: unitedstates, Views: 2731

Relief / United States

Gesture: Wipe the forehead with you hand, a shake off the imaginary sweat

Let me think

By: unitedstates, Views: 1180

Thinking / United States

Gesture: Touching the chin with your index and thumb. Tilt your head.

Compiled US gestures ver1

By: sample1, Views: 84074

[Site Feature] / United States

Complied gestures from US. How many can you identify?

Kusai !

By: Japan, Views: 2842

Smells awful / Japan

Gesture: Pinch the base of your nose. Wave the air with the other hand.

Want to fight

By: unitedstates, Views: 1781

Want to fight / United States

Gesture: Make a boxing pose