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It's funny / Japan

Gesture(female): Hide you mouth when you laugh


By: Japan, Views: 1487

Yes / Japan

Make a circle with your arms above your head Exaggerated way of saying you are yes/correct.


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secret / Japan

Gesture: Placing the index finger on your lips


By: Japan, Views: 1749

It's cold( Weather) / Japan

Gesture: Fold and stroke the arms with your hands


By: Japan, Views: 1113

Passing through / Japan

Hand chops as you pass in front of a person

Shimiru !

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It's spicy(food) / Japan

Gesture: Pinch the stem of your nose. Mostly done when you put too much "wasabi".


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Other / Japan

Raise your palm in front of you towards the the person you want to direct attention


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Want to eat? / Japan

Use an imaginary chopstick to bring food to your mouth


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No / Japan

One hand up like a prayer and shaking sideways. Face looks bit stern