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Different meaning 6

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Thumb can mean different things US: Boss, Good job Japan: Male figure i.e. Boyfriend

Damm it

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Other / Global

UK / USA : Tap forehead with palm of your hand Japan: Tap Temporal with knuckles


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He's Gay / Japan

Gesture: Place the back of your right hand to you left cheek. A famous Geisha pose

3 levels of Bows

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Depths of your bow shows the level of gratitude,respect and social hierarchy.

Different meaning 5

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Crossing index and middle fingers in front of you US; Good Luck Japan: Don't come close

Are you talking to me? ver2

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When referring to oneself, most countries point at ones chest . Japan is on of the exception, pointing at the nose.

When you are cold

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Gesture: Fold and rubbing the arms with your hands. Looks pretty similar from Romania, USA, Japan


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Drink (alcohol) / Japan

Gesture: Appears like trying to drink from a small shot glass: Ochoko a Japanese sake cup.


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Drink / Japan

Hold a cup of tea