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Don't come close / Japan

Cross index and middle finger of both hand in front of you


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I'm full / Japan

Gesture: Pat your stomach and breath out some air. Showing you are full from a good meal.

KuruKuru Pa~

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Stupid / Japan

Gesture: Make a circle with you fingers by your head and open your palms. Pa~, basically meaning empty, here referring to the brain.

Shimiru !

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It's spicy(food) / Japan

Gesture: Pinch the stem of your nose. Done when eating a food with Wasabi( radish). Slightly different sting from a hot pepper.


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check, please / Japan

Make a cross with your index fingers and tap them few times. Creating a "Shime" character which means to close my bills.

Different meaning 3

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[Site Feature] / Global

Fanning motion is a bit complicated in Japan

Do you want to eat?

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[Site Feature] / Global

US uses the hand and Japan uses a chopstick to bring an imaginary food to the mouth.


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Want to eat? / Japan

Holding a bowl and a chopstick to eat

3 levels of Bows

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[Site Feature] / Japan

Depths of your bow shows the level of gratitude,respect and social hierarchy.