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By: Japan, Views: 1076

Relief / Japan

Gesture: Rest your palms on your chest. Accompanied by an long exhale.

Kare Kankan yo

By: Japan, Views: 2280

Angry / Japan

Index finger above the head, a "Oni"(Demon() with horns.


By: Japan, Views: 1061

Being modest / Japan

One hand up like a prayer and shaking sideways. Face with an embarrassed smile

Chotto Matte

By: Japan, Views: 1366

One moment / Japan

Bring the palm with fingers spread out in front of you. Looks like stop in US.


By: Japan, Views: 4986

Other / Japan

Grinding sesame seeds with imaginary mortar and pestle.

Kusai !

By: Japan, Views: 2606

Smells awful / Japan

Gesture: Pinch the base of your nose. Wave the air with the other hand.


By: Japan, Views: 6531

Silence,Quite please / Japan

Gesture: Place the index finger in front of your mouth. ( It doesn't touch the lips)


By: Japan, Views: 1452

Closing ritual / Japan

Spread your hands to the side and made one big clap whihe saying Yo--"


By: Japan, Views: 1535

check, please / Japan

Gesture: Cross the index fingers. The shape replicates a Character "Shime"