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Sad / Japan

Gesture: Pretend to rub your eyes with the back of your index fingers.


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OK / Japan

Gesture; Make a big circle with your hand.


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Let,s change the suject / Japan

Japan: Imagining a subject as an object in front of you and moving it to the side. When you want to cha change the subject.

During dinner in Japan

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[Site Feature] / Japan

Gesture: From praying before meal to showing you had a full satisfactory stomach.

Japan Bow all day

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[Site Feature] / Japan

You will see people bow from morning to dawn

At the Office

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[Site Feature] / Japan

Gestures you will encounter at an Office in Japan


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Thank you / Japan

Bow for a casual thank you


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Hello / Japan

Bow for a casual Hello


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Are you talking to me? / Japan

Point at nose